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Kivuko has one team in Tanzania and one in Germany. 

Martine Mwampamba, Sister Laurensia Kanyange and Brighton Barnaba are active in Tanzania. They select the clients for the health fund and continue to look after them after the treatment. In addition, they coordinated the entire construction of the clinic, are responsible for the staff and take care of our scholarship holders. They are also responsible for the huge organisational and administrative workload.


Martine Mwampamba

Sr Laurensia.JPG

Sister Laurensia Kanyange


Sister Euzebia Cleofasi

In Germany, the team is mainly responsible for generating donations, maintaining contact with members and donors, managing the organisation on the German side, organising information events and spreading our idea. Right from the start, the two teams have built up the organisation together, coordinating the projects and the way they work together and jointly determining the direction in which things should go.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-22 at 20.15.144_2.jpg

f.l.t.r.: Alexandra Keller (assessor),  Helen Scholz (2nd chariwoman), Eva Schmiedeberg (2nd chairwoman), Theresa Klaus (secretary), Franziska 

Stöhr (assessor), Ernst Haßler (cash auditor), Christopher Klier (cashier), Corinna Haßler (1st chairwoman), Luitgard Haßler (assessor). Missing: Dieter Braun (cash auditor). 

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