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Poverty gives rise to disease and disease gives rise to poverty. Who is caught in such a vicious circle of poverty and disease in a country like Tanzania can hardly escape it without any outside help. For most people health insurance is too expensive and services do not cover all treatments so that many locals cannot afford going to the doctor. Minor diseases, which could be treated easily, can rapidly develop into chronic and life-threatening illnesses as a consequence.
Malaria serves as a good example: Within the first few days, medicine is relatively cheap and the disease is easy to treat. However, if you wait longer, it usually becomes necessary to stay in the hospital for getting intensive and expensive treatment. If you do not treat malaria or if you start treatment too late, it can even lead to death. The team of Kivuko e.V. attempts to counteract such risks with the aid of health care funds which have so far contributed to enable the treatment of various cases: Children with broken bones or burns who would have suffered chronic deformities without medical care and who would have been prevented from leading an autonomous life. Women who were helped by medical care to find a way back into everyday life after being raped. Men with injuries caused by an accident at work, who would have been no longer able to care for their families, if untreated. This would have meant a future without any perspectives for their children.

Content elderly men who received access to medical treatment via Kivuko e. V

The clinic area offers toys and a nice play area

An important aspect for Kivuko e.V. is to enable people to free themselves from the vicious circle of poverty and disease and to support them in finding solutions to help themselves. The aim here is that patients can go back to work and are able to provide for their families and relatives after recovery. The effort of our local team in Rulenge to stay in touch with the people who had received help, guarantees effective outcomes in the long run.

Our coordinators in Rulenge Sister Laurensia and the doctor Martine Mwampamba have good knowledge and experience about the local circumstances environment in Rulenge so that they can identify the circumstances of a case and intervene with high competence. By means of medical aftercare and subsequent support, they help to get patients and their social environment back on their feet. In case financial resources are available in the family or in the village association, treatments only get subsidised by Kivuko e. V.. Several patients are able to pay back part of the treatment costs as soon as they have restarted work which gives us the opportunity to support others who are currently in need.

Interview with Sister Laurensia about the health care funds

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