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"Kivuko" is a word in Kiswahili, the national language of Tanzania. It can be translated with "bridge", "ferry" or something which connects two different sides. Kivuko e.V. wants to build a bridge between Germany and Tanzania.

The objective of Kivuko e.V. is to improve health, education and  and equal opportunities locally in the Rulenge / Ngara region in Northwestern Tanzania.


The doctor  Martine Mwampamba with a client

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-13 at 20.57(2).jp

The foundation of Kivuko e.V. was initiated by former German volunteers who lived in Rulenge for one year, and the Tanzanian clinician Martine Mwampamba. The work of Kivuko e.V. driven by local knowledge and the involvment of local capacities. The members of the Tanzanian team grew up in Rulenge or live there since many years. Kivuko e.V. benefits from a multi-year collaboration experience of the two teams. Kivuko e.V. was founded on 2 May 2015 with the intention of also engaging from Germany. Since June 2015 the association is listed in the register of associations and in October 2015 it was recognized as a non-profit organization.

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