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Educational Support

The challenge

Help for self-help

only one has the opportunity to go to secondary school

*in the Rulenge/Ngara District

Of 25 pupils in primary school ...

Those who have access to education multiply their chances of a self-determined life. The probability of getting a permanent job with a regular income increases. This can serve as a foundation for one's own family, but it also strengthens the personalities of the beneficiaries themselves. Strong personalities are needed in parts of the country affected by poverty, such as the Rulenge/Ngara district. After all, educated people can also exert a great influence on their environment, for example in their function as teachers or employees in the health sector.

Our goal

Access to secondary and university education for people from poor families 

Talented people from poor families should have the opportunity to continue their education at secondary schools and universities.

Multiplicator effects into the local community


By means of the knowledge and ideas that educated people bring back to their local community from their studies, the community can be strengthened from within and find its own solutions to its challenges. 

Role models for other young people


The fellows will be role models in their community. They demonstrate that every child - independent from the family background - can successfully complete their education. 

How do we achieve this?

Scholarships for young people from financially weak families


Kivuko is funding scholarships for selected young men and women whose families cannot afford to pay for them to attend secondary school or university.

Comprehensive support

To enable the scholarship holders to concentrate fully on their education, Kivuko does not only pay their school fees but is also funding their learning materials. In addition, Kivuko also lends some of them a laptop for the duration of their education. When members of the core family fall seriously ill, their treatments have already been financed, as otherwise the scholars  would have left school to go to work in order to pay for the treatment costs themselves.

How does this look like?

Click on the pictures to learn more about the students supported by Kivuko.
Martine Mwampamba
Bavuma Williams