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Without the help of donors and sponsors it would not be possible for Kivuko e.V. to help in Tanzania. Here you can learn more about some of our sponsors.

The Medic-Center Nuremberg 


a strong community for your well-being 


At more than 30 locations in Nuremberg and the surrounding area, a network of over 100 doctors and their respective practice teams work together in clear interdisciplinary networking to ensure the health of their patients. 


The range of services offered by the Medic-Center Nuremberg covers basic medical care in all important areas and also offers a wide range of additional services and alternative healing methods.


Your advantages through our competence network:

All of our doctors know each other and are aware of the special expertise of each individual. If necessary, the right specialist medical support can be called in immediately after a second opinion or for more detailed clarification of a clinical picture.


In this way, every concern can be examined in an interdisciplinary and comprehensive manner without duplication of examinations, which can be time-consuming and costly for the patient.


Our paths to each other are short, which makes a comparatively short-term and unbureaucratic coordination in the interest of the patients possible. 


The patient as an individual person is the focus of our attention: We advise you in a personal atmosphere, are always open to your wishes and of course work together with other specialists you trust outside our network.

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