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Supporting Kivuko e.V. with a donation

In order to support the work of Kivuko, a membership can be completed or donated on a one time basis.
The membership fee of 15€ is donated to the the health fund, to support people who cannot afford medical treatment. All further contributions will be used for current and future projects, which cause an improvement of the life situation of many people in the long term.
Our organizational work is based 100% on voluntary activities. This means that donations are guaranteed to arrive on site.
Any administrative costs incurred, such as for the maintenance of the homepage, are covered by actions and the membership fees of the organization. Travel expenses to Tanzania are always paid privately.
If you have individual wishes, where your donation should go, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Donations can be made safely and easily by clicking on the button on the right or by bank transfer to the organization account. We will gladly issue a donation receipt for you. Please state your address on the bank transfer.

Thank you very much. Asante sana!
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