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- development cooperation is not a one-way street

Not only in Tanzania there are areas where there is a need for changes. In German there is a high potential for development as well. Kivuko also wants to contribute positivel to the society in Germany. Thus, part of our work is how to easily save resources in our daily life. Unfortunelty, the pandemic does not allow further events. But you can still get some insights here:

Our clothes swap event at IMMER HIN in Bamberg


In autumn 2019 we held our first clothes swap event. It follows an easy approach: Everyone is warmly welcome to join. People who have clothes at home which they don't wear anymore and which are in a good state can bring them along. Then the swap starts! Our dear friends of IMMER HIN in Bamberg built up some changing rooms and provided mirrors. Then everone was welcome to try clothes and take those which fitted and pleased. The clothes which were left, are kept as a basis for the next clothes swap. 

We hope that it will be possible soon to repeat such events since it was a lot of fun! For the next time we might be able to provide our sewing machines and turn the event into a mixture of repair café and clothes swap. Our aim is to provide an alternative to fast fashion with clothes which we wear for one season only and which then is thrown away. The clothes swap can help us to still have new pieces in our wardrobe from time to time - in a sustainable manner!

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-26 at 13.33.41(1)

Replace single-use products by sustainable alternatives!

Another topic which we are passionate about is Zero-Waste. Avoiding waste and changing consumption to a manner where there are eventually no waste products, is key to circular economy. But where to start with? We decided to tackle single-use products in the bathroom. Instead of using single-use cleansing towels every day, we can replace them by washable ones. Those on the picture we manufactured using Tanzanian fabrics and towels which were left in the wardrobe and were never used. After using the pads, you can collect them in the little washing bag and wash it with your other laundry! Without producing any waste!

Furthermore, we learned during our work with Kivuko how valuable local resources are. We need to learn again to appreciate them. That is why we also manufacture products of domestic woods. Click through the gallery in order to have a look at the products of our info stand at the christmas market in 2019!

The washable cleansing towels and the wooden products are not for sale. They are small gifts as a Thanky You to our supporters for donations. Visit us at our next event for also getting one of them! 

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