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Repairing bikes on the market



Rulenge is a village with about 3500 inhabitants in the northwest of Tanzania, more precisely in the Ngara District, close to the border with Burundi and Rwanda. From Ngara, the next bigger town, Rulenge is about 45 kilometres away. In the Tanzanian highlands of the Kagera region, the village is comparatively rural.

In 2014 Rulenge was provided with a central water and electricity supply, but the majority of households cannot afford it.

Due to poverty, the level of education in Rulenge is also low. Per 25 children who are enrolled in the 7-years primary school, there is only one child you is able to attend secondary school. There are various reasons for that: The far distance to school, not passing the primary school, lack of financial menas or early pregnancies.  


Location map of Rulenge

The economy of Rulenge is mainly based on agriculture: Plantains, manioc and a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown.


Saturday market in Rulenge

There is a hospital in Rulenge, but patients who cannot afford the treatment costs are often turned away here. In order to improve the situation of these people, a health fund was set up by Kivuko e.V. The long-term goal is to provide adequate health care to all needy people in Rulenge.

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