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Bavuma Wiliams – Study of social work


Bavuma Wiliams

Bavuma Wiliams is a former colleague of the "weltwärts" volunteers. He was also involved as a village helper in the Community Rehabilitation Program (CBR). During his time there, he was able to gain knowledge about various illnesses - including the fact that the social component is of central importance in the development of the illness and its treatment.


This is the basis for his aim to study social work and then work as a social pedagogue. In this way Bavuma Wiliams can professionally consolidate the skills he has already acquired in the CBRs. Although he only earned the equivalent of 75 euros a month at CBR and had to provide for his family, he was able to pay for the costs of his first year of study himself with perseverance and determination. Now he has reached his limits and therefore Kivuko e.V. finances the rest for the young Tanzanian.

Costs: 1 year = 650€ --> total: 1.300€

Bavuma was able to successfully complete his studies in 2019. Due to the current difficult work situation, he has unfortunately not yet been offered a permanent position. His aim is to teach his fellow citizens about human rights and to help them to recognise their own strengths and competences and to use these to lead a self-determined life. He will train the population to form a social network of family, friends and neighbours to support each other, especially in stressful situations and emergencies. As a result, the ability to help themselves in the community will be promoted and strengthened.

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