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Educational Support

Help for self-help

Those who have access to education multiply their chances of a self-determined life. The probability of getting a permanent job with a regular income increases. This can serve as a foundation for one's own family, but it also strengthens the personalities of the beneficiaries themselves. Strong personalities are needed in parts of the country affected by poverty, such as the Rulenge/Ngara district. After all, educated people can also exert a great influence on their environment, for example in their function as teachers or employees in the health sector.
Furthermore, educated people can better differentiate between cultural riches, such as openness and strong family and village community ties, and customs that hinder development and disadvantage people, such as the stigmatization of people with disabilities or strong superstitions. People who have had access to follow-up education can set a positive example and strengthen society from inside out.
Therefore, it is our aim to enable young Tanzanians to get access to vocational trainings or university studies (see below). However, in order to reach even more people, who may never have had the chance to attend school, our Tanzanian team plans to hold regular community meetings and workshops, so that topics such as human rights, health prevention, education, etc. can now be discussed with the population itself. We expect that the population will find a way to help and support themselves in critical situations. Our former scholarship holders will of course support us in this.

Our scholarship holders

Click on the pictures to learn more about the students supported by Kivuko.
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