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Caristi Fortunatus – Training as physiotherapist


Caristi Fortunatus

Caristi Fortunatus is a young village helper of the Community Rehabilitation Program (CBR), a project for people with disabilities. Within the framework of this project he took care of his clients in a committed manner. He also came in contact with physiotherapeutic work and showed great interest in the treatment techniques.

Due to the lack of health care in the Ngara region, the rate of people with disabilities is enormously high. However, there is only one physiotherapist in Rulenge, while there is an increased demand for this service. Fortunalety, Caristi Fortunatus, an ambitious young man, is taking on this task.


Initially, he was supported by Kivuko e.V. in completing secondary school through an evening school program, which he started in October 2017 and successfully completed in 2019. Now we are waiting for Caristi to start his training as a physiotherapist. As there are very few vocational schools in East Africa offering this training, we have to wait patiently for the chance to fulfill his dream.  

Goal: Caristi will return to the Ngara region after his training and treat people with disabilities. He will also train the CBR's village helpers in treatment techniques and show the clients and relatives practice programs for home use. This will enable him to improve the living situation of many clients.

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