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Martine Mwampamba - Child Upbringing studies


Martine Mwampamba

Costs: 1 year = 1.300€ --> Total = 3.900€

Martine Mwampamba is a clinician in the CBR project and an important cooperation partner for Kivuko e.V. in Rulenge.

Here he experiences directly the effects of the insufficient supply situation on the population and how urgent the need for support is. Therefore Martine Mwampamba decided to complete the advanced "Child Upbringing" course of studies. The course of studies combines social work and medicine and is based on the approach of biopsychosocial pathogenesis. This theory is based on the hypothesis that not only biological and psychological factors can be the origin of illnesses, but that the social relationships in the population also have an equivalent effect on health.

If people cannot adequately process social burdens such as problems in the family and financial crises, the risk of illness also increases. Hence, the focus of the course is on social factors such as family problems, alcohol consumption or superstition. These factors increase the risk of illness or disability, especially for children. Kivuko e.V. would like to improve the situation of this vulnerable group, which includes elderly people and children, which is why the "Child Upbringing" study is supported by the association.

Martine Mwampamba began his studies at the end of February 2017 and is conducting them as distance learning. In February 2020 he successfully passed his final exams. He will continue to work in CBR and Kivuko and will be able to spread his newly acquired knowledge at regular workshops and meetings.

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