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Bildbeschreibung (Copyright Kivuko)

Bildbeschreibung (Copyright Kivuko)

Our organisation was founded on 2 May 2015 mainly by former volunteers of "weltwärts". It was born from the desire to continue to be engaged in Tanzania after a one-year stay. Since June 2015 Kivuko e.V. is listed in the register of associations and in October 2015 it was recognized as a non-profit organization.

For us at Kivuko e.V. it is of great importance that the help reaches directly where it is urgently needed. Therefore we have decided to support our former place of work Rulenge in Tanzania. We are in continous exchange with our cooperation partners on site. This enables us to implement our concept, which consists of emergency aid (health fund) and sustainable aid (education promotion and clinic construction), in a targeted and effective manner.



"Kivuko" is a word in Kiswahili, the national language of Tanzania, and means "bridge" in translation. Kivuko e.V. would like to build a bridge between Germany and Tanzania to promote health, education and equal opportunities locally - especially in the Rulenge / Ngara region.


Bildbeschreibung (Copyright Kivuko)

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