Kivuko e.V. is a non-profit organization from Germany. The organization is committed to health, education and equal opportunities. Find out here how you can help people who urgently need support with Kivuko e.V.

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Volunteer help

Would you like to become active yourself? Do not hesitate to contact Kivuko e.V.. Any help is very welcome. Just ask.

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Become a member

Become part of Kivuko e.V.! With the basic membership of 15 €/ year we want to enable all people to contribute a part of the change.

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Become a supporting member

We are even more pleased about supporting memberships. Everyone can decide individually according to their own possibilities with which amount our work should be supported.

You are also welcome to donate a onetime amount to Kivuko e.V. Supporting the activities of the association is also a great help, because every team member of Kivuko e.V. works voluntarily. If you would like to support our association's work, please indicate "for administration" under reason for payment.

Let's search for a better world!

Change your search engine and join the NGO browser! Each search will donate a little contribution for Kivuko.  At the same time you protect your data which will not be sold to outside and searches are encrypted. No registration necessary!

The personal Kivuko searching engine you find under: 

and further information under:

for a comfortable searching experience directly from your URL bar, please search for "NGO Browser Add-On".