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2022 is going to be the Kivuko-Malaria-Year

It is now almost two years since we all are suffering from the Corona pandemic. Covid painfully reminds us once again of the importance of health and, in particular, of the societal and medical efforts required to successfully tackle such a challenge. The pandemic also has the effect of pushing other issues into the background. One of them is malaria. Malaria is an infectious disease which people in tropical parts of the world are facing since long time. In our latitudes, however, we know little about the disease, which is leading in some cases even to death.

A large part of the work of Kivuko e.V. is also aimed at people who are repeatedly suffering from malaria. Very often patients contact Kivuko just in time to have their already advanced disease treated in hospital. Children and the elderly are particularly in risk.

That's why we have set ourselves an aim for 2022: We will make this year the Kivuko Malaria Year, and in doing so, we want to answer the most important questions that concern the Tanzanian and German teams: What is so dangerous about malaria? How does successful prevention look like? What role do living conditions in and around Rulenge play in the course of the disease? Will malaria also exist in Germany in the future?

At the end of the year we want to be able to answer the question together: How successful has the fight against the infectious disease been so far?

We very much hope that, depending on the pandemic situation, we will finally be able to meet our supporters in person again. But for now, we'll start digitally. Therefore: Follow us on instagram, Facebook and check back regularly here on the homepage. Stay tuned, you will hear from us again very soon!


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