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Growing old in rural Rulenge

For people growing old in the region around Rulenge, the financial security situation is very different from that in Germany.

Most people in rural areas who have made their living as farmers do not have a regular income in old age. Many have lost children due to illness, and for others, children have migrated to the cities to work for a small wage. The salary of many adult children is barely enough to survive. In addition, according to the local Kivuko team, it is nowadays very difficult to earn money from agriculture. Sufficient and crisis-proof support for the elderly is hardly possible. How does Kivuko provide support here? In addition to covering the costs of treatment within the framework of the #HealthFund, the team mobilizes all kinds of resources on site: Are there neighbors who can check up on the person every day? Can the affected person still grow some vegetables in the garden? Are there still nieces and nephews around who can contribute a little money? Is it possible to improve the hygienic conditions in the house? Also, listening and being reachable can help seniors to feel a little better.


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