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How people can access the services of the health fund

How does Kivuko ensure that donations reach people for whom there is no alternative funding? A founding member of Kivuko from Germany was recently in Tanzania and spoke with team members on the Tanzanian side:

- Who usually would contact Kivuko when there are people who need support?

"Different people inform us, such as hospital staff or even members of the village community."

- Have people had to be rejected?

"Yes, dishonest people are rejected. People who state that they don't have money, even though that is not the case. Because of such cases, it is important for us to make a home visit in really every request. It can happen that persons are not honest. They say they cannot afford their treatment, but then have cows, goats, etc. at home. In addition, home visits are important because social factors are now considered far more than they used to be: Is the house in good condition? Can hygiene measures be implemented? Are sleeping and washing places seperated? What is the sanitary situation like? All of this plays a big role in maintaining health."

In the picture you can see a young woman who was admitted to the Health Fund and her grandmother. The young woman had to be hospitalized for 4 days because she suffered from severe abdominal pain. Today she is feeling better. This is especially important because she has to take care not only of herself, but also of her grandmother. However, the family's house is in a very bad condition. Roofs that are covered with straw do not provide adequate protection from rain and quickly become damaged or moldy because they dry poorly. Much better are roofs covered with metal, for example. Kivuko brought the young woman's brother to the negotiating table, who has already moved out and is in a better financial situation. Women, especially single ones, often do not own land and have hardly any reserves with which to make investments for their house and their agriculture. For them, the support of family members or organizations like Kivuko is of great value, as they make it possible in the long term for small savings not to flow directly back into the house, but to be used for health or agricultural investments. Kivuko has brought the brother on board and is now advising on how to give their house a general renovation.


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