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Superstition in rural areas

It is mainly women who are affected - but it can also affect men: People are accused of practicing evil witchcraft. The reasons put forward for this include eyes that are permanently red from cooking over an open fire inside the house or obscure accusations. The consequences are severe for the accused ones: they are often chased away from their properties and have to start anew far from their community. This was the case for the two brothers, for whom the pressure caused by the accusations was so high that even their wives left them. The Tanzanian team of Kivuko was able to pay for the prostate treatments of the two elderly men. Furthermore, and probably at least as important in the long run, they were also able to mediate between the village community and the brothers: The two are now considered full community members again and have returned to their old homes, where they can live under better hygienic conditions. A great example how with appropriate mediation, open discussions and education on such topics, the living situation for people can be improved!


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