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Hunger index 2021

In the Hunger Index 2021, which was published last week, the situation in Tanzania is classified as "serious". Hunger is a ever-present issue in the daily routines of Kivuko. How can we contribut to reaching the goal of zero hunger? As a small and local health organization, our options are of course limited. Nevertheless, the Tanzanian Kivuko team has already achieved a lot. In our #healthfund, people, especially children, with malnutrition are treated every year. This means also home visits, including nutritional advisory and stabilizing the social environment, both of which play a big role in increasing agricultural productivity in families. In addition, through the health fund and the #clinic, men and women who are the main responsibles for income and/or feeding their families, recover everyday. The sooner the farmers are recovered, the less they will have to lose in the harvest!‍🌾🌽 🥕

Free Download of the Global Hunger Index:


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